Philosophy & Approach

Art is the highest Aspiration of the human Spirit; yearning to approximate the Eternal with the Ephemeral, the Idiom of Expression being the only variant. A deeply realized personal effort with Humility & Integrity – Originality is accidental – results in a Communion that is mutually enriching!  It resonates with a Universal Sensibility – Entertainment Quotient in prime focus – embracing performer & audience; emotionally, intellectually & spiritually.

Theatre is a dynamic & composite art form replenished by various Disciplines. However, most fare on offer is ‘Imitative’, which is comforting but predictable. It presumes to ‘Portray Life’, but, neither provokes nor questions the status quo; reinforcing stereotypes & invariably tending to play safe! Psychological insights with its myriad hues are blissfully missing!

The DIRECTOR prefers to ‘Interpret’ the plays; Exploring the Essence of the text, instead of being faithful literally; walking tradition & modernity in tandem. The Harmony & Economy are underlined by the minimal Sets & Costume; while the judicious interplay of Lights & Sound, enhance the vision of the ‘Play & not the Player’, towards a holistic interpretation!   

“The rest is Silence!”