A celebration of Love through Life's many Hues – Joy, Sorrow, Caprice, Irony, Death, Freedom & Laughter. Commemorating the 804th Birth Anniversary of the Greatest Mystic Poet of any Age - MEVLANA JALALUDIN RUMI. An original solo collage of duration 75 minutes; Troubadour is the complex persona of this intense churning, voicing the Beauty and Truth of the Divine Rumi's stories and verse. It is also a heartfelt tribute to the original storytellers of yore - the “Tarabdaars” who talked and danced and sang about the mysteries.


A tribute to the extraordinary genius of the greatest dramatist in the English language, WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE, this minimalist piece of theatre explores the basic premise of existence: Where does Art begin & when does Life end? A poignant account of an old clown, who reminisces about his life – the ridiculous and the sublime - after the final curtain call. Based on a story by ANTON CHEKHOV, this multi-layered portrayal is interspersed with excerpts from some of the major characters of the Swan of Avon's plays. A solo performance of about 70 minutes, it premiered in June 2011, to commemorate the 27th anniversary of THE PHOENIX PLAYERS.