'STEPPING STAGE' is an initiative of THE PHOENIX PLAYERS to introduce the joy and magic of theatre to entertain, educate and enlighten students & teachers. By way of In-school Workshops & Interactive Sessions, we intend to make the process of learning & sharing a joyous discovery.

For Students,
we offer fun-filled exercises to unleash their creative potential and imagination while fostering basics like concentration, self-discipline & hard-work.

PlayTime Workshop - Devised by MENTORS: ANITA SALIM & SALIM GHOUSE , FACILITATORS: K.C.Shankar, Gaurav Sharma & Adithi Kalkunte

In today’s virtual & technology driven world, students are losing touch with their emotional and physical selves. A healthy mind needs a healthy body!

The PlayTime workshop is an invitation to the magical world of the body & expression. As well as being exhilarating fun, it will contribute towards better coordination, agility and poise while allowing the children to channelize their enormous energies.

In a non judgmental and stress free environment, students will learn exercises involving Movement, Sensory Awareness, Imagination and Group Dynamics; also using music with basic props & costumes.

PlayTime proposes to enhance the creativity and individuality of each student with the collective responsibility of ensemble play.

(25-30 Students from Standards: 5, 6 & 7) (Intensive - 5hrs ; Compreshenisve - 10hrs)

PlayAct Workshop - Devised by MENTORS: ANITA SALIM & SALIM GHOUSE , FACILITATORS: K.C.Shankar, Gaurav Sharma & Adithi Kalkunte

In our current age of instant texting and tweeting, young adults are losing the real sense of personal contact. Good speech is the unfortunate casualty!

The PlayAct workshop is a visual enactment language based approach, to explore the sensual world of the spoken word. The sensory act of listening attentively enables students to speak with better clarity and aids comprehension in a way that passive reading cannot.

The students are encouraged to present select passages while engaging physically and emotionally with the rhythm & meaning of the text. Drama techniques are used to discover context, situation and motivation.

PlayAct intends to create awareness and appreciation for works of eminent writers, focusing on the beauty of language & power of communication!!

(25-30 Students from Standards: 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12) (Intensive - 5hrs ; Compreshenisve - 10hrs)

For Teachers, we offer advanced theatre techniques that will help them explore stimulating & innovative approaches to classroom teaching.


Education essentially is a matter of enquiry and seeking, it is a journey & not a destination. However in Academia this is the exception than the rule!

The PlayPen workshop approaches 'play' as an educational tool that can be applied to almost every subject area such as math, language arts, social studies & the sciences. Lessons presented in a stimulating manner will enhance understanding and comprehension of curricular topics as well as improving academic performance.

Teachers are introduced to Theatre exercises like Storytelling, Role Play, Voice Projection and Body Language, etc that will help them to imbibe a lateral approach creatively & effectively.

PlayPen provides a dynamic platform for teachers to make the classroom a constant source of discovery and enrichment.

(15 - 20 Teachers) (Intensive - 5hrs ; Compreshenisve - 10hrs)